Monday, 7 January 2008

New Year

It has been ages since I posted anything on my blog so I thought that I would scribble a few lines, mainly to check that I still remembered my password!!

The main reason that I haven't blogged as much is because I tend to spend spare moments on facebook these days and find it difficult to blog as well!!

Well that's it for now! Nothing interesting to say really! I will try to blog again in less than 6 months!!

Lots of love to anyone who still looks at this!!! xxx

Friday, 18 May 2007

The trouble with boys.....

So yesterday I finished my Literacy lesson thinking to myself, how mature my class are, how encouraging it was that we could have a mature discussion about Shakespeare, his plays, his poetry, how even though they are only 9 and 10 it was amazing that we could read, understand and appreciate sonnets and ballads.....

I then left them to have a go at writing their own version of a sonnet or a ballad, obviously, I knew that this would be very difficult for them to do as they are so young, but I thought they could give it a go. "Can we write about anything?" I was asked, "Yes, of course," I say, thinking that the task itself was difficult enough, let alone giving them a subject matter as well.

So today I collect the poems in, and am generally amazed at how good the poems actually are! As I work my way down the pile of poems I discover that perhaps some of the boys have not quite grasped the general 'feeling' of Shakespeare and his child had written a poem entitled:

'The ballad of the UEFA Champions League Final (last year)'

A sonnet: 'Ronaldo'

Ok, I think to myself!! But even those poems didn't didn't quite prepare me for George's "sonnet"

I am not quite sure if this classes as a sonnet, it is certainly unlike any other sonnet I have read before...I shall leave you with the "sonnet" for you to read and enjoy and decide for yourself!!

Snot 'n' Bogies

Stick your finger up your nose
Snot pours down like a big fat hose
Crusty bogies, slimy snot
All comes down in a big fast shot
A clump of snot all down your clothes
Next thing you know it's down to your toes,
Meteorites of snot hit the ground
Alien goo climbs the mound
There's a bogie all fat and round
A swamp of snot all in your hands
Stretches like an elastic band

Well it cheered up my otherwise quite depressing week!!!

Lots of love xx

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Am beginning to have a little more sympathy with Noah!!!!

Seriously, when is it going to to stop raining?!!!!

This weather is beginning to send me slightly crazy.....and let's not even talk about the effect on my lovely class!!!!

Hope that you're all well and having a better week than me!!!

Lots of love xx

(P.S Maybe I should start saving and pack my bags to go to Florida, am sure that it won't be raining there!!)

Monday, 7 May 2007

New Profession!

Since returning from the states, whilst writing many end of year reports I have been thinking.....Surely there must be a better way to work with children, as teaching involves far too much paper work!!!

Anyway, I have stumbled upon the idea that maybe God is calling me change my career! I have been thinking that I could replace Minnie Mouse and go and work full time in Disney World!!!

Let's face it, I am the same height, I could fit into the costume, I wouldn't have to keep my cool with the kids, as there would be a fixed smile on my face at all times, kids would actually be pleased to see me!!! And it would somewhat be like being a superstar geting to sign lots of autographs!!!!! What do you all think then?!!

Lots of love xx

Sunday, 25 March 2007

All sleepy!

So who's idea was it to take an hour away whan I already don't have enough hours in the day......and certainly not enough hours for sleep?!!!

Lots of love xxx

Monday, 19 March 2007

A little post!!

I just thought that I'd type a few lines just to say that I'm still here!!

I feel busy at the moment, it seems that there are no minutes left in the day! And I seem so tired! Getting up is getting increasingly difficult! Particularly this morning when I pressed 'sleep' repeatedly for almost 30 minutes!!! Not good!! Which reminds me, Deb, how's the lent getting up going?

Work is hugely busy, I have lots of bits that need to be done this week as well and putting on a production next week, which is really not ready at all! Also I have lots of church meetings on this week, as well as a stressful Spurs replay tonight, and the cricket to keep up to date with!! I feel that my multi-tasking skills are being pushed to the limit......even though I am a girl and therefore usually have excellent multi-tasking skills!! ;)!!

Sending you all lots of love xxx

Monday, 5 March 2007

So that was the weekend!

bop it
flick it
spin it
spin it
pull it
bop it
twist it
twist it
bop it
bop it
pull it

(Well done Amy - though am expecting scubasis to hurtle into the lead with all the extra practise!!)

Lots of love all xxx